Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Boys, Reading, and Fun

This school year, two of my sons have become active, interested readers of fiction. I attribute this largely to the fact that they have been provided flexibility in their reading selections – and then were guided to pieces that were of high interest to them.

At this time, it is my sixth grader who is currently on an extended reading jag. He is my “sports guy.” Anything athletic – whether it involves playing or watching on television -- captures his interest. It is exciting to see him getting up early on a Saturday so that he can read some of "his book" prior to anyone else getting up.

He is in the fourth book of a seven book series – I think that is what he told me. His mom is reading to catch up to him. I joined in this week. It is not great literature, but it is good reading for him. The series is by Margaret Peterson Haddix – The Shadow Children sequence. The first book in the sequence is Among the Hidden.

Last month when I went in to read to the Walnut 5th graders, I took in a favorite of my wife’s when she reads to my children – Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle. What is interesting about that book – and we talked about it with the Walnut students – is that it was written in 1947. Sixty years later, the stories are still funny – and fun to read!

This same premise is true for any learning, if it is enjoyable (read – “fun”) then we gravitate to it. Now, I have this sixth grade basketball player who is a reader. Plowing through his 150 – 200 page books, anxious to finish so that he can start the next book in the series!


Anonymous said...

I read Mrs. Piggle Wiggle as a child in the 90's, and I loved it. Those books are timeless.

Anonymous said...

Our Woodbury sixth graders also read Among the Hidden. We have class sets and after reading the first novel, many students go on to read the sequels.The concept of hidden children is fascinating to them.