Thursday, April 30, 2009

Congratulations, Boys Tennis

The Woodbury boys tennis team has clinched a spot in the NJSIAA sectional playoffs for the first time since 2006.

In addition, Christian Schoning, who plays first singles, qualified for the state individual tournament.

Congratulations to the entire team and their coach, Jen Koengetter!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Open for Business

Congratulations to Mrs. Chandler's high school students for their successful school store opening on Monday. They were featured in a Gloucester County Times article yesterday.

GCT article

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Board of Education Meeting -- Wednesday, April 29th

The regular, monthly meeting of the Woodbury Board of Education will be held this Wednesday, April 29th, at 7:00 p.m.

The board meetings are held in the Jr.-Sr. High School auditorium. Entrance to the building can be made through the lobby doors by the auditorium, across from the Cap Paine gymnasium.

The agenda for the board meeting is posted on the district website. (agenda)

At the April meeting, the newly elected/re-elected board members will be sworn in for their three-year terms. Also, a new Jr.-Sr. High School representative to the Board will be recognized.

The April meeting is the annual "Reorganization" meeting of the Board of Education. Therefore, a variety of annual appointments of individuals to required positions will occur and professional services for the year are identified.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Hispanic Heritage Assembly at West End

West End Memorial Elementary School held an Hispanic Heritage Assembly on Wednesday, April 1st 2009.

Students in grades K-2 enjoyed a presentation by Ballet Folklórico of the Bridgeton High School Latin American Club. The group performed traditional dances from Mexico and Puerto Rico.

During the second assembly, grades 3-5 experienced first hand Flamenco Ole a four member ensemble. The highly interactive and entertaining performance given by three dancers and one guitarist taught students about traditional Flamenco dances, songs, and guitar playing. Our very own high school Spanish teacher, Liseidy Diaz (in red!), and new member of the troupe surprised us all with her talented dancing skills.

Ms. Julie Capodanno, our district’s ESL teacher and Felicita Rosado, West End elementary Spanish teacher, brought the entertainment to our district’s elementary students to expose them to a variety of Hispanic cultures and to teach them about the growing Hispanic community in our school district.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Congratulations, Ms. Fitzgerald

Congratulations to Colleen Fitzgerald, biology teacher at the Woodbury Jr.-Sr. High School. She was informed that she will be on of twenty-eight teachers in the this tri-state region who will attend the Delaware Valley Innovation Network’s (DVIN) Teacher-Leader Program at the annual Biotechnology Institute's Conference on Biotechnology Education.

To provide educators in the DVIN region with the latest life science resources and information, DVIN will pay the entire cost for 28 science educators (two educators from each county in the DVIN region) to participate in this program.

The BIO Teacher-Leader Program will take place Friday, May 15 to Tuesday, May 19, 2009 in Atlanta, Georgia. The program is the premier science educator training program where participants are encouraged and trained to share teaching methods, life science industry information and resources gained from the program with colleagues upon return.

DVIN will pay the tuition fee which includes attendance at the BIO Industry Organization's International Convention, admission to the Biotechnology Education Banquet, room, board, airfare up to $400, local transportation, program materials and program events.

High school or community college science educators in the DVIN region were encouraged to make application earlier this year. Ms. Fitgerald was one of the teachers selected!


Delaware Valley Innovation Network (DVIN) believes that education is a vital component in developing a pipeline of future life science workers. Important to this effort is ensuring that the necessary resources and information are provided to the educators who teach them.
DVIN, officially launched in 2005, was formed as part of the U.S. Department of Labor Workforce Innovation in Regional Economic Development (WIRED) initiative. DVIN is a regional partnership and received endorsements from all three governors from Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

DVIN is a 14 county tri-state regional initiative to transform the way in which the region develops its life science talent. Through collaboration, DVIN is working to str
engthen the region’s competitive position in life science on a national and global scale.

For DVIN the life science industry is defined as Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Equipment, Medical Devices, and associated Research and Development.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, CEO, student, teacher, government official, workforce development advocate, working in a life science business, or thinking of working in a life science business, DVIN is providing the latest information and resources available through this interactive web site. Together, we can continue to foster and grow the life science talent in our region.


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Spring is Here @ Evergreen

Evergreen Avenue School celebrated spring and school spirit with a Spring Door Decorating Contest.

Teachers voluntarily decorated their classroom doors with a spring theme. They were then judged by non-classroom personnel on the basis of creativity, relationship to the theme and student contributions.

The winning doors were:

1st Place – “Got Spring?” by Mr. Robby Richardson’s 5th grade class

2nd Place – “2nd Grade is Soaring into Spring” by Ms. Paige Lyons’ 2nd grade class

3rd Place tie – “Kindergarten is in Full Bloom” by Mrs. Mary Muldoon’s Kindergarten class & “We’re Leaving Winter Behind” by Mrs. Seigel & Mrs. Abdalla’s preschool classes.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

School Election/Budget Vote -- Results

I want to thank all who came out to vote yesterday in the school election.

We are happy to report that the Woodbury City Public School Budget for 2009-10 passed with 77.5% of those who voted giving the budget a favorable nod. This represents the sixth consecutive time that Woodbury City residents have supported the schools in public votes associated with financial questions.

In addition, congratulations to the three individuals elected to three-year terms on the Board of Education – Frank Gwalthney , Anthony Chiesa and Eliza White.

I am pleased to also report that the new student representative to the Board of Education was selected in a vote during the school day yesterday by the student body (grades 9-11). Congratulations to Teddy Johnson. He will serve a one-year term.

All newly elected board members will be sworn in at the next Board of Education meeting, April 29, 2009.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Board Election Today -- Student Style

The following was provided by the high school administration:

It is with great excitement that Mansara Hassan, Anthony Pippolo, James Torres, Zachery Sharpe, Ashleigh Pollitt, and Theodore Johnson have campaigned for Student Representative to the Board of Education.

They are candidates of high academic achievement as well as broad involvement in both the Woodbury Schools and the community. These are the students who want to accurately express the voice of the student body.

They have given speeches at town meetings and over the morning announcements, have campaigned outside the lunch cafeterias, and they have hung posters in the "O"- hall of Woodbury High School.

Students in grades 9-11 will vote for their choice today -- Tuesday, April 21, the same day as the Board of Education election. Truly, these are students who care about what goes on with the school system and want to ensure that students of Woodbury have a voice in district policy. Their efforts should be commended.

Students vote today during the lunch period.

The real Woodbury City Public School elections take place today from 2 p.m. through 9 p.m.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Boys Basketball Season Celebration

A note from Mrs. Dunham, Principal of the Jr.-Sr. High School:

The basketball season was one to remember – yes? A special celebration is planned for Tuesday, April 21 – 7 p.m. in our auditorium. The idea was suggested by our student Board of Education representative – James Jones. With a little help from parents and administrators, James and friends plan to show the boys how much the school and community appreciated their work on the court this year. Your support would be greatly appreciated . . . hope to see you there!

2009 Boys Basketball Tournament - South, Group I Champions

Friday, April 17, 2009

Spotlight on . . . the Friday "Spotlight On"

The Friday "Spotlight On . . . " sections have just about run out. We may have a couple more prior to the end of the year, but for now, I find that the reserve of these entries is currently empty.

I have been doing the "Spotlight On" entries for three years now! So -- the question is -- do you have a question that you think should be added to the list? Or substituted?

I have heard from a number of you that these quick profiles help provide some insight to those new to the Woodbury community. What other questions would you suggest?

Simply add your idea as a comment to this entry. It is easy to do.

Come on -- give it a try. Your suggestion will help us get even better Friday blog postings next year.

Here are the current questions asked:

  • Name
  • College(s) and degrees(s):
  • Work experience:
  • Favorite book -- fiction/nonfiction:
  • Favorite television show
  • Music CD that I have almost worn out from repeated playing:
  • Person (living or not) that I’d like to have lunch with and why:
  • Visiting this place makes me peaceful:
  • Favorite animal (domestic or wild):
  • Favorite sports team:
  • Destination of my fantasy vacation trip:
  • Details about the teacher I will never forget who inspired me to enter the profession:

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Here's Another "Feel Good" Clip

Sometimes on the way into work/school, my sons and I are tuned into 1210 AM's Michael Smerconish. Yesterday, he was describing a woman's singing performance on a British talent show. Then, when I got home late last night, there was an e-mail sent to our home by a relative that sent you to a youtube clip of this same performance.

This is another one of those feel good, "T-mobile" type clips. I thought I'd post it here for you to enjoy.

It certainly fits into the category of "you cannot judge a book by it's cover."

British Talent Show Clip

Jazz Music Tonight

Catch An Evening of Jazz at the Jr.-Sr. High School tonight at 8:00 p.m. in the auditorium. The Jr.-Sr. High School Jazz Bands will be performing.

It is always amazing that so many of our Woodbury students turn into athletes after the regular school day and, then, these very same students pick up a musical instrument and join their fellow schoolmates as part of a band performance.

I am sure that the musical talents of all our young men and women will surprise you!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Woodbury Relays

The Woodbury Relays are scheduled for this Saturday, April 18. The following is a listing of various running activities spotlighted in a recent e-mail from the Woodbury City Roadrunners Club:

  • Fun Runs Continue: Thursdays, 6:30, Wood Street (outside WHS Stadium). Ron Riskie, Jr. and his hearty band have survived the winter weather. All runners and walkers are invited to join them. Last week the walkers were back and all enjoyed a beautiful Spring evening.

  • 37th Annual Woodbury Relays: Saturday, April 18, 9:00 am – 3:30 pm. Olympians Carl Lewis and Jack Pierce will be there, SJ Hall of Famers like Lori Lewis will be there, so will 8,000 of their closest friends. Don’t you miss it.

  • Woodbury Relays Fitness, Health and Recreation Carnival: New to the Relays this year, the Carnival features health screening by Underwood-Memorial Hospital, bikes by Action Wheels, shoes and gear by Haddonfield Running Company, fitness testing by Velocity Sports Medicince, massage by Woodbury Wellness, chocolate by The Nut Shop, SUV by Barlow Motors, Relays socks by The Monogram Shoppe, produce from the Woodbury Farmers Market, the new 2010 Mustang by ACE Ford, WHS memorabilia by the Alumni Association and lots more.

    Fifty-seven sponsors, exhibitors and advertisers are supporting the Relays and the Relays Carnival this year. Come on out and bring a friend.

  • Benjamin-Ross Memorial 5K Run/Walk: Save the date -- Saturday, June 6, 9:30 am start.

  • And did you hear about the City’s $500,000 trails grant!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Welcome Back

We are entering the home stretch -- 4th Marking Period. This has been a fast school year. Spring sports are in full swing and the weather should be catching up to the season fairly soon. It looks like by the end of this week we may see 70 degrees.

Please see yesterday's posting regarding the Meet the Candidates Night. The event is this evening @ 7 p.m.

School Elections and Budget Vote -- Next Tuesday, April 21.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Woodbury High School PTSA Presents "Meet the Candidates Night"

The Woodbury High School PTSA will be hosting Meet the Candidates Night on Tuesday, April 14th, at 7:00 in the High School Auditorium.

All are welcome to come out and meet those who wish to serve on Woodbury's Board of Education.

Refreshments will be served.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Spotlight on Ms. Savage

Ms. Trinna Savage

Teacher of Grade 4

West End Memorial School


Trinna Savage

• College(s) and degrees(s):

B.A in Elementary Education and Psychology from Monmouth University

• Work experience:

I was an Instructional Assistant for 4th and 5th grades at West End for 1 1/2 years. I am currently working as a 4th grade teacher at West End. I also coach gymnastics at Atlantic Coast Gymnastics.

• Favorite book:

Freedom Writers

• Favorite television show:

American Idol

• Music CD that I have almost worn out from repeated playing:

Alicia Keys, Lauryn Hill

• Person (living or not) that I’d like to have lunch with and why:

I would like to have lunch with my grandmother who passed 2 years ago. I would love for her to see what I have accomplished and thank her for being always believing in me!

• Visiting this place makes me peaceful:

A day at the spa always makes me peaceful.

• Favorite animal (domestic or wild):

My puppy, Mia

• Favorite sports team:

E-A-G-L-E-S -- EAGLES!!!

• Destination of my fantasy vacation trip:

Anywhere sunny, with a beach and clear water!

• Details about the teacher I will never forget who inspired me to enter the profession:

My first grade teacher, Mrs. Ramaglia inspired me to want to enter the teaching profession. When I was in 6th grade, I would skip recess and go to her room and help her grade papers. I knew at that moment, I wanted to be a teacher!

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Absentee Ballot Option -- School Budget Vote/Elections

I know that each year I think about applying for an absentee ballot due to the fact that I am usually at the school through the night of the election. I forget and find myself running home just to register my vote and then back to the school. This year -- I am going to remember to use the absentee ballot option.

Below is copied from Gloucester County's website:


Can’t Get to the Polls, Too Busy to Vote? In New Jersey, any voter can now vote by mail for any reason or no reason at all using an absentee ballot.

A voter may apply for an absentee ballot by completing an Absentee Ballot Application (see below) and mailing the application to the County Clerk up to 7 days prior to the election. The application may be mailed to:

Gloucester County Clerk
Hon. James “Jim” Hogan
PO Box 129
Woodbury, NJ 08096

A voter may also apply in person to the County Clerk's Election Division until 3:00 p.m., the day before the election. The County Clerk cannot accept faxed copies of an Absentee Ballot Application since an original signature is required.

In Person: 550 Grove Road, West Deptford

County Election Website: Absentee Ballot Download

Contact the County Clerk’s Election Division for further information (856) 384-4531 or (856) 384-4530

Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Recess is longer for only our left-handed students.

Hopefully this helps to clarify the confusion created by the letter each elementary principal sent home yesterday.