Friday, April 17, 2009

Spotlight on . . . the Friday "Spotlight On"

The Friday "Spotlight On . . . " sections have just about run out. We may have a couple more prior to the end of the year, but for now, I find that the reserve of these entries is currently empty.

I have been doing the "Spotlight On" entries for three years now! So -- the question is -- do you have a question that you think should be added to the list? Or substituted?

I have heard from a number of you that these quick profiles help provide some insight to those new to the Woodbury community. What other questions would you suggest?

Simply add your idea as a comment to this entry. It is easy to do.

Come on -- give it a try. Your suggestion will help us get even better Friday blog postings next year.

Here are the current questions asked:

  • Name
  • College(s) and degrees(s):
  • Work experience:
  • Favorite book -- fiction/nonfiction:
  • Favorite television show
  • Music CD that I have almost worn out from repeated playing:
  • Person (living or not) that I’d like to have lunch with and why:
  • Visiting this place makes me peaceful:
  • Favorite animal (domestic or wild):
  • Favorite sports team:
  • Destination of my fantasy vacation trip:
  • Details about the teacher I will never forget who inspired me to enter the profession:

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