Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Daymond Rhodes -- first WHS student to participate in the Future Teachers Program

(Submitted by – Director of Pupil Personnel, Ed Murphy and Walnut School Principal, Dr. Jeff Adam)

As part of the district Strategic Plan, we are determined to develop personalized educational experiences for all of our students throughout the district. One method to achieve this goal is through the Option II program coordinated by Kathy Stalter Allen. Ms. Allen works with students to develop experiences outside of the traditional classroom that enable them to earn credit towards graduation.

One of the opportunities available through this Option II program is the newly developed Future Teachers Program. This program allows seniors interested in becoming educators to participate in a field experience at one of our neighborhood elementary schools.

Daymond became the first WHS student to take advantage of this field placement at the Walnut Street School. After completing his traditional school work during the first portion of the day, Daymond has a quick lunch and then reports to Walnut Street for the balance of his day.

At this point Daymond has been assigned primarily to the 2nd grade class but also spends some time with the kindergarten students. Daymond is excited about this opportunity and enjoys the chance to work hands-on with children. Although he has only been at Walnut for a short time, he is already making an impact on students, and the experience has solidified his desire to enter the teaching profession.

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