Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Four Years of Blogging (Is that a word?)

This is the fourth year for my Superintendent's blog. Doing a blog entry every day is not always the easiest thing. I have found the most success in making it part of my early morning routine. I have also been fortunate to have various teachers and administrators eager to spotlight their students and, as a result, a good bit of the information that ends up on the blog comes from others.

Two items of note.

1. Did you see that the blog's "look" changed a bit over the last week? My son, Corey, who is now a sophomore in high school revisited the formating work that he did when he was back in seventh grade and gave the site a fresher appearance. He did not like the way the older posts were listed on the sidebar to the right -- now they are clustered by year. There are a few other changes, but the essence remains the same.

2. I am in competition this year with our new district website. We now have rotating images on the front page that change every few weeks. This is another avenue for our students and programs to be featured. Already this year, a number of items that would have been blog fodder have been placed there instead of on the blog. I hope that is working for everyone! An example is the trip that Mrs. Platt's students took. Yesterday, it was posted on the front of the website. If it was a blog item, it would have had a bit more space and more of the images could have been used (see below), but it is nice to have the students spotlight on the main district site. Any feedback it welcomed as to how you think we can best serve the interest of the students and schools with regard to publicizing our happenings.

Have a great day.

Camp Edge Trip

On Monday, October 26, Mrs. Platt's Evergreen class went to Camp Edge in Alloway, New Jersey, for the day. Students hiked, had a biology lesson on the food chain, ate a camp lunch, played science games and kayaked on the lake to see a beaver dam and other wildlife.

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