Thursday, June 10, 2010

West End Twenty-Five Book Club

(This entry was sent in by Mr. Myers, Principal of the West End Memorial Elementary School.)

The 25 Book Club is a year long reading incentive where students are encouraged to read 25 books outside of school hours. Throughout the school year, students receive small rewards when they reach the five, ten, fifteen, and twenty book levels. Larger rewards are received when a student reaches 25 book or above. At West End, this effort came to a close on June 1st.

On Friday, June 4th, all students who made the 25 book goal participated in a school-wide ice cream party. All students enjoyed the cold treat on such a hot day.

Those students who extended themselves to read beyond the 25 book goal and who were one of the top eight readers in their grade level will be traveling to Liberty Lake in Columbus, NJ, on June 11th for a fun day of outdoor activities including team building events, swimming, boating, miniature golf and rock climbing.

Congratulations to all of our readers!

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