Friday, December 01, 2006

Technical Difficulty -- Stay Tuned

The Friday Spotlight should be posted either later today or over the weekend. There are some technical difficulties with posting the picture. (Not bad -- this has been a very reliable sight -- and free!; actually, the difficulties are not with the blogger site but rather with our local technology.)

Anyway, enjoy your weekend. The weather takes a bit of a turn -- seems like today's high temperature will be 69 degrees while starting tomorrow and continuing through next week the high temperatures will be in the 40's! It was only a matter of time.

By the way, as a benefit to the faithful White & Gold blog edition readers, I will try to post any school closing information here once a decision is made. That may make this a more popular destination during the upcoming winter weeks!


Anonymous said...

You mention using this forum as an avenue for the notification of school closing. Has any thought been given to offering this information via e-mail, page or text message?

I believe the district uses Outlook and Exchange for e-mail. Could a “Distribution List” be created to send a “plain text” e-mail to parents, students and faculty advising them of any type of emergent situation in the district? I believe this could be accomplished with existing resources and minimal cost for labor.

Joseph Jones said...

Good point. There is a lot of new technology that schools continue to juggle. We have a relatively new technology coordinator and there is a good bit that he is addressing in order to improve our overall situation. I am sure that this is on the list of items for attention. Thanks for the reminder!