Wednesday, February 14, 2007

NEW INFORMATION: School Closed Today

We have changed our school opening status -- the Woodbury Public Schools will be CLOSED today, Wednesday, February 14, 2007, due to the poor road conditions and excessive icing around the schools.

Have a safe day.

(Our front page of the district’s website is being updated . . . the closing of the schools is the official word!)


Anonymous said...

When will the make up day be for today's snow day?

Anonymous said...

I applaud the fact that the correct decision to close the schools was finally reached. The fact that initially it was decided to have a one-hour delay and the ensuing vacillation was poor!

I appreciate that you do not have an easy decision. Please understand that we, as parents, likewise are faced with decisions that are based on the district’s status. I, for one, had set on a plan to deal with work and also insure that my child reached school safely based on the one-hour delay. If not for the fact that a friend called to let me know that the status had changed and the schools were now closed I may very well have taken my child to school for the delayed opening. After all how many people check the schools web site or KYW after already seeing a delayed status!

I appreciate that your primary concern is the safety of our children. This is our goal too. We, as parents, must ensure that our children get to school safely and the district needs to provide timely and accurate decisions coupled with a better system of parental notification!

You have mentioned the “Gloucester Alert” system in prior posts. Once again, isn’t this a situation where this system would have helped?

Again, I understand that you have a difficult job but seeing as we are dealing with our children I find no time like the present to improve and no excuses acceptable.