Monday, February 26, 2007

Regular Opening

Well, we seemed to have dodged most of the storm.

It would be complicated to always be posting -- on websites, newscast, and other forms of communication – that schools are OPEN AS USUAL. That is why you will typically only see it noted when schools are either delayed or closed.

That doesn’t mean that people are not up early assessing the situation to make the call that we actually are ready to open on time. Today, our facilities director and custodial staff were in very early to check on the school grounds and begin any necessary clean-up work associated with the snow/sleet/ice mix from yesterday and overnight.

Additionally, I am at that same early hour to assess the situation, make any necessary calls to Woodbury personnel, and then participate in a countywide conference call with Gloucester County superintendents.

All of that to simply determine that will be opening as normal. So, we do NOT make any calls to KYW – or Channel 13, the phone chain does NOT get started for teachers and other school staff, and a special announcement is NOT placed on the website.

Nonetheless, since I am up, wide awake and needing to craft a Monday morning blog posting, I figured I would let anyone who is checking in at an early morning hour know – see you at school today – regular time!

Have a great week.

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Anonymous said...

good call =)