Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Heat Wave

The meteorologist say that a cold front came through last night – but the forecast is for 90-degree days for the balance of this week.

I wrote about our new geothermal system back on a cool day in May – and now we are living through this current heat wave. Then, I commented on how we were fortunate to have the cooling features associated with the geothermal. Now, with these near 100-degree days, everyone is on that same page -- happy to have this new HVAC system that was a product of the recent referendum.

Our schools have been able to go about in a “business as usual” mindset. The rooms are comfortable and learning activities can take place. As you know from the newspapers, any number of schools in the tri-state region are putting in special measures to cope with the heat that, in many cases, have included closing school early.

In the end, I am sure that we will pick up many days of improved instruction each year due to the new HVAC systems in the schools. It has been truly an amazing improvement in these older building to have been able to retrofit them with such modern equipment.

There are many in the Woodbury schools who are counting the days to summer break, but not because of excessive heat in the classroom.

Enjoy, this is the last Wednesday for students for the 2008-09 year – five more school days.

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