Thursday, May 21, 2009

Basketball @ Evergreen

(Blog entry submitted by: Mr. Soper, Evergreen Grade 3 Teacher)

Thursday April 30, 2009 marked the exciting conclusion of the first annual March Madness reading program at Evergreen Avenue School. Over sixty students rose to the challenge of reading for at least 400 minutes in the month of March. As a reward for their diligent reading efforts, over sixty students in third, fourth, and fifth grade took to the basketball court to challenge an all-star squad of teachers. It was an exciting event to cap an excellent reading effort by the participants and fun was clearly had by all!

The students, divided into 8 teams, put forth a formidable effort against their teachers. Over the course of the game there were several lead changes as the students were constantly in hot pursuit of the much taller and much more experienced teacher team. 4th Grade teacher Mrs. Costello led all scorers in the first half (however was notably absent from the defensive stat sheets). 5th Grade teacher Mr. Richardson’s jump-shot caught fire in the second half to help add a cushion to the teachers’ lead. Late in the game, the teachers appeared tired as they missed dozens of defensive rebounds. These slips in focus allowed the students to climb back to a deficit as small as two points before the teacher’s regained composure and were able to secure the 69-63 win.

There have already been murmurings of “rematch” heard in the Evergreen halls.

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