Friday, May 01, 2009

Check It Out -- A New Look

Some of you get to this blog through the district's main website. For you, this information will not be new. You will have already noticed that our website has undergone some significant changes.

You may recall that our webmaster, Jim Krauss, was soliciting ideas for change a while back. These suggestions, along with some ideas that were generated internally, have resulted in the reworking of our site.

There is a brief introduction to the new look on the front page. The most significant, obvious change is the new calendar feature that has a color coded process for identifying specific school events -- WE blue, EV green, WA maroon, and the JR-SR HS gold. If you click on the day of the week on the calendar, you will get a single day view. You can also get a whole-month's perspective by clicking on the name of the month. Each school building's administrator now has easy access to the calendar system to provide ready updates to this information.

I hope that the other changes make sense to you. Obviously, we will continue to monitor suggestions and look to always provide the most user-friendly format.


There is a link to the site off to the right-hand side of this page.

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Anonymous said...

New Website looks good! Keep up the good work