Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mix-It-Up Day

Donna Lacovara, our school district SAC (Student Assistance Coordinator) prepared our 6th grade students for "Mix-It-Up Day" by visiting each class in advance and providing an overview of the program.

The students were randomly assigned to lunch tables on the day of the program. Upperclassmen (high school students) or adults in the school were assigned to each table and led the discussions. While students ate, the following prepared questions were discussed:

Welcome to Mix-It-Up Day
December 11, 2009
1. Introduce yourself and then quickly go around the table and ask each student to introduce him/herself and use one adjective to describe him/herself (i.e. brave, confident, athletic, artistic)
2. Ask students to describe the diversity in our school. What do you like best about going to a school with students from mixed religious, racial and ethnic backgrounds?
3. What can be done to help students cross social boundaries and mix-it-up on their own more often?
4. Ask students how they feel about the “label” they were assigned at their table today.( i.e. Eagles, Jonas Brothers, etc.)
5. Quickly go around the table and ask each student to describe today’s activity in one word (please jot down these words on the back of this sheet as they are shared…NO NAMES please)

Ms. Lacovara returned to the 6th grade classrooms and provided some closure for the activity with a PowerPoint presentation -- sharing the pictures and reviewing some of the outcomes from the discussions at the lunchroom tables and follow-up writing activity that occurred back in the classrooms.

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