Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving Day Fire

(This letter is being sent home with the Evergreen Avenue school children. The family who suffered this tragedy has children at both Evergreen and the Jr.-Sr. High School. Mrs. Breland is the principal of the Evegreen Avenue School.)

November 29, 2010

Dear Parents/Guardians:
We are reaching out to the Woodbury community to make a difference in the lives of one of our Woodbury families. Thanksgiving Day, one of our Woodbury families lost their home and all of their belongings to a fire. Fortunately, the family was not home at the time and no one was hurt. The fire destroyed everything and the family will need to completely start fresh.

As you might imagine, starting over can be very overwhelming, however, we are hoping that we might be able to help. We are joining efforts to raise funds for this family with three children in the Woodbury Public Schools.

Please consider making a financial donation in the form of cash, money order or gift cards to the family. No amount is too small, as it will be combined with everyone’s contribution. Please send your donations to the main office of the school in an envelope. We will distribute to the family.

We appreciate your thoughtfulness and consideration to help someone in need.

Yours Truly,

Mrs. Breland

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