Monday, March 14, 2011

C25K: Couch to 5K

As you can see from the lack of posts recently, it is a hectic time of the year for me. In addition, my personal exercise program has been causing serious time constraints -- especially since I tend to take care of that obligation first thing in the morning (around 5 a.m.) which was my best time to blog. Finally, the fact that many of the school events now end up on the front page of the district website also limits blog entries.

Oh well. I do think that this blog will need to change to something that posts items of more significance -- less frequently. Maybe a once a week posting? This is definitely a time of evolution for the blog.

Now -- C25K. Given my personal interested in exercise (recently!) and my success with this program (I went from not being able to run a single lap around the track to running a half marathon in about one year's time.), I wanted to make an opportunity available to our students to get moving.

The C25K program is rather simple. It progresses from a walking/running program to a running/walking program. You start out walking more than you run and end up at the end running more than you walk.

I have been able to get to class meetings and/or lunch periods to talk to students in Grades 6,7,10. and 11. I intend to speak with all students before March ends. If we get six OR sixty students interested, it will be a success. I have been pleased with the amount of early interest.

Students have been told by me that this can be an activity that they do simply as something new to try if they are in shape OR something that they want to get involved with to get into better shape.

FINALLY -- the program is open to staff who are available at the time that we are meeting. Feel free to join us. Let me know by e-mail so that I have a sense of who to expect. (You do not have to walk/run all three days each week with the group; some of the days can be completed on your own.)


C25K: a fantastic program designed to get you from the couch to running a 5K in just 9 weeks.

• Open to ALL interested 6th-12th students (and staff!) – those who run and those who have never run.

• Complete C25K under the supervision of Woodbury Jr.-Sr. High School staff starting Monday, April 4, 2011.

• The program will be every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday -- 4/04 through 6/05

• The time commitment is from 2:55 p.m. – 3:35 p.m. each day: M, W, and F.

• What you need: Sneakers (Running sneakers are best – but any pair will work!).

GOAL: For all participants to run in (and FINISH) Woodbury’s George Benjamin-Browning Ross Memorial 5K the first weekend in June.

You can find out more information on the C25K online at

More details will be provided on the first day; we will meet on the parking lot by the press box.

You are welcome to contact Joseph Jones (853-0123, ext. 230 or if you have specific questions.

Please have your son/daughter return the sign-off below to the Main Office.
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I give my son/daughter ___________________________ (Grade: ____) permission to join the Woodbury Jr.-Sr. High School C25K Club.

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