Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Back to Learning

Okay. It was tough to get back to the regular routine – for everyone. But, once we were back, everything clicked into place quickly:

A kindergarten class was locating North America and South America on the “flat map” of the world. Then, they took a guess at where Central America would be located – and they were right!

A 3rd grade class was learning about decimal place value, and the students were writing numbers to express these decimals. It was exciting to see these very young learners discuss that 0.68 was “sixty-eight hundredths” and could also be represented by 68/100!

A 2nd grade class brainstormed individual New Year’s resolutions --- neater homework assignments, better listening, etc. These were written and posted on a hallway bulletin board.

Another 2nd grade class discussed attributes of different shapes and used the attributes to classify the shapes in games – “What’s my Rule?” and a Sesame Street game of “One of these things is not like the other . . . “

And another Kindergarten class was creating and decorating New Year’s hats to celebrate 2007 after reading a nonfiction story about celebrations of the New Year around the world.

This was just my quick glimpse of a few classrooms. As you can guess, the learning was happening at all grades and in all buildings in a similar fashion. It is always exciting to see the quality activities that take place each day. It is especially impressive to see how quickly everyone fell back into the learning routines. And – how much fun it is to learn!

Again, Happy New Year.

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