Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Early Dismissal Update

Thanks for everyone’s patience and understanding with regard to our heating system difficulty at the Jr-Sr High School today – Tuesday, January 30.

The new geothermal heat/air conditioning system had an unusual problem with a gasket that caused a leak in the piping. As a result, we needed to close the system down to address the concern. The lack of heat is what resulted in the early dismissal of school.

We do not anticipate that this problem will occur again. Our contractors were surprised to see this gasket issue develop.

The early dismissal was announced on our official outlets for such action – KYW (CBS) and local access Channel 13. We had the dismissal noted on both our district website and phone system. Additionally, we did contact the other major television stations to help in having this closing announced – ABC and NBC.

Students were informed that, if there was any difficulty with access to their home, they should stop at the office for help. Access was made available to telephones for those who needed to make contact with a parent.

The building’s heat has been restarted – we ARE scheduled for school tomorrow, Wednesday, January 31.


Anonymous said...

In an earlier entry you mentioned the institution of an alert system for e-mail, pager and cell phone notification. Has there been any progress? Today’s dismissal, at the High School, is a perfect example as to why it is needed. Particularly if something of this nature were to occur in one of the elementary schools!

Joseph Jones said...

You are exactly right. Thanks for this post and the reminder! We began the investigation of the county system prior to the holiday.

We were excited about the potential and have asked to be included – we want our school district to be an active participant.

Yes, today was a great example of how this system would be a benefit to all in the school community. We will get back into that conversation to move the process along.