Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Gloucester Alert System Test

We will conduct a test of the Woodbury Public Schools' Gloucester Alert System. If you have signed up, you will receive the type of message that you requested – either text, e-mail or both. We plan to send a message out tomorrow.

You can go back to the blog posting on March 2 for more information. Sign up today so that you can be part of the test.

Also – post a comment here tomorrow with a reaction to the alert test. We hope that the test is impressive and that it gets you talking to friends about the system so that even more families sign up!


Anonymous said...

Mr. Jones,

I received 5 text messages within three minutes of when they were sent. Looks like the system is working...


Anonymous said...

Alert test received.

Anonymous said...

Excellent resource. The message to my pager came through as it should. The text message to my cell was broken into multiple messages for no apparent reason. Perhaps a problem with the messaging compatibility. Otherwise an outstanding tool!

Joseph Jones said...

Thanks for the comments. We were pleased with the speed. The text message on the phone was long and was broken into the five parts – at least on the Verizon system. I guess we will have to less wordy with our emergency messages! Now I understand why the kids use all those crazy abbreviations when texting.

We plan to try one more test later this school year.