Monday, March 31, 2008

25 Book Club at West End Memorial

(Mr. Myers, principal of West End, contributed this blog entry.)

The incentive portion of the 25 Book Club came to an end on March 28th for the students at West End. By this date, it was expected that all students completed the goal of reading 25 books at home during the course of the year in order to receive prizes.

During the course of the school year, the students at West End have read well over 8,000 books! We have 224 students who met the 25 book goal and will have the opportunity to attend the Camden Riversharks game on May 15th. Way to go students!

Throughout out the last couple of months, the West End staff organized several fundraisers to off-set some of the costs associated to the game including a popcorn sale, pretzel sale, lollypop sale, dress down days, and a “Tape Mr. Myers to the Wall Day.

The most interesting fundraiser was the “Tape Mr. Myers to the Wall Day.” Students were able to bring in one dollar to purchase a piece of duct tape. We all thought for sure that 277 pieces of duct tape would hold Mr. Myers to the wall. While students conducted many chants of “Tape him up!”, Mr. Jones pulled the step stool out from Mr. Myers. After a brief second suspended in the air -- Mr. Myers fell to the ground.

Though this brings the "contest" portion of the 25 Book Club to an end, it is still expected that students continue to read at home. Individual book counts are reflected on report cards.

Congratulations, West End.

Gloucester County Times Article -- Saturday, March 29

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