Thursday, November 13, 2008

Chatter Matters

Here’s a non-school post. We are a game family – we like board games. Games get the family around the kitchen table, talking, and having fun. I said in a recent post that we were playing a good bit of Monopoly over the break. A number of our games tend to be the traditional board games.

At the same time, my wife is always on the lookout for new, fun games that will engage everyone – especially at the holiday times. December is often a time new games get introduced.
Last night, my third grader wanted to play a game that has been in our house for a while now. It is not in my repertoire of “traditional” games because it is a relatively new entry into the game market. But, it is a fun game that has as a main goal to get the family talking --- about family. The name of the game is Chatter Matters Family Game.

If you are looking for a good gift for a family with children – give some thought to Chatter Matters. It is for 2 to 6 players and the box indicates ages 8 & up. My son and I played last night – but it is even more engaging with a bigger group.

Anyway – just a thought/suggestion. It is a Mattel game. See the link below for even more information, if you are interested.

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Tina said...

I am definitely going to check this game out. I'm a big fan of games as well. Have you ever played Ticket to Ride? That's a great game as well...I think it'd be good for kids.

I found a post on Peterman's Eye about's a great read. Thought I'd share.


Joseph Jones said...

I will check out the game suggestion. And -- your right, the Peterman's post summarized a similar feeling about the positive role that games can play.

Thanks for sharing. Have a great day.

mng said...

We have a new favorite game called Guesstures. It is an electronic charades type game. We discovered it on vacation with siblings, neices and nephews last summer. It is great fun, especially with more than 5 players. Good for ages 7 and up because it requires reading a word to be acted out. Even younger children could play with reading assistance. Enjoy.