Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Jr.-Sr. High School Concern. Wednesday, November 19th.

I am writing to report to you a concern that was relayed to the school district by the Woodbury Police department late Tuesday evening. The police provided a report that one of our students allegedly received a call indicating that there would be a bomb at the school on Wednesday, November 19. The family of the student contacted the Woodbury police, and the police reached out to school officials.

Late Tuesday evening, school district personnel and the police worked closely together to ensure that the school building itself was secure. Though these matters are almost always a hoax, we have obviously chosen to treat this case seriously.

In addition to last night’s efforts, all students will be checked upon entering school today through a designated doorway. We will have established checkpoints with enough adults participating in the process to ensure that students move through as rapidly as possible. The police will have officers available, and police cars are scheduled to be on campus at the start of the school day.

We anticipate that there will only be a minimal delay to the start of school as we move students through a common entrance. Once the above student procedure is followed, we will go about a regular school day with "business as usual."

Finally, students will be informed that a reward will be offered for the first person to provide information to the building principal that leads to the arrest and conviction of the individual(s) responsible for generating this concern.

Though this posting fully summarizes what we know at this time, you are welcome to call (or e-mail) me or any of the Jr.-Sr. High School administrators if you have additional questions or information.


Anonymous said...

Why would you post this online?? Isn't like tipping the person off?

Anonymous said...

I am concerned that I was informed by a co-worker that his child was allowed in the building for a jazz band rehearsal at 7 AM without a bag check.

Althought it sounds like a good deal of thought and work went into this rezponse did things of this nature fall through the cracks or is this just a false rumor?

Joseph Jones said...

The posting was to benefit our parents. If it tipped someone off and he/she did not bring a device of concern to school, that would be an acceptable and desirable by-product.

As for the other question posted, I cannot speak definitively about any students who arrived early for jazz band. I do know that the high school administration was aware of some scheduled, early student arrivals (We have a "zero period" class that meets, too.) Steps were taken to search these students upon their arrival. If we missed a jazz student(s) -- he or she had to be one of the very few.

The process worked well. I thank our faculty and staff for their wonderful support.

Our students entered school through a common entrance and were well on their way to homeroom by 8:00 a.m. Our day was delayed by approximately 10 minutes. I would like to commend our students, as well, for their tremendous cooperation throughout this unique process.