Monday, December 22, 2008

West End After School Music

(This was an entry that missed an end-of-the-year posting for 2007-08 and then got lost in the shuffle. Here it is -- just in time to make it before we turn the calendar over to 2009!)

Ms. Guerin's and Mrs. Spittal's first/second grade after school enrichment students were very creative producing their first CD. The students collaboratively wrote songs about Springtime Allergies, The Beach, Mother's Day and Jack and Jill.

To add those perfect finishing touches to the recordings there couldn't have been anything more exciting than Billy Gale, a member of the popular band, Burnt Sienna, accompanying the young artists with an acoustic guitar.

Songs were burned to a CD and given to each of the participants as a momento of their extraordinary efforts. A special thanks to Billy Gale. Thanks for helping us "ROCK OUT" it was AWESOME!

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