Monday, June 01, 2009

Evening Library Hours– The Library is Open!

In our five-year strategic plan, there is a goal to provide evening hours in the library media center to our community. We started this in January 2009. The program continues to grow each week.

Junior and Senior high school students make up the list of users on most evenings; several elementary students are regular visitors as well.

The number of users is largely determined by school assignments; the volume is heavier when research projects are due across a grade level; tutoring sessions have been the most recent reason for many.

The majority of our users are there to use the internet – reading and composing emails – communicating to friends and teachers.

The Evening Library Hours program operates every Monday through Thursday; 5 – 7 p.m. This fills a void created when the Woodbury City library closes.

Adults are asked to provide identification upon admittance. The lobby doors by the auditorium on the Cap Paine side of the school should be used for entry.

This is a valuable opportunity for our community; we are happy to be able to serve you in this way!

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