Thursday, June 11, 2009

Woodbury Students at City Council

One parent e-mailed me to state the following:

Mr. Jones, My husband and I attended the City Council Meeting last night. Our school should be very proud. What a wonderful group of students selected to represent Woodbury High School. Their self confidence, poise, and knowledge of government was overwhelming. I was not only proud as a parent, but also as a member of the Woodbury school system. Please thank Mrs. Goode and Mr. Ford, they have certainly done a great job. If you go to the city website they have already posted the group picture and writeup from last night.

Interesting, I heard from at least two other individuals who were there and they provided very similar feedback. How exciting!

Here is the picture and caption from the city's website:

Several students attending Woodbury High School assisted in conducting the business of the governing body at the regular Council Meeting of the City of Woodbury on Monday, June 8, 2009. This is the 8th year for this program, which was started by Councilwoman Roberta Schreyer, who passed away earlier this year.

The students were given an overview of City government by the Mayor, City Council Members and City officials. Students then asked questions to officials in an open forum discussion and later participated in the regular City Council meeting.

The following Students participated – Ted Johnson, James Jones, Mansara Hassan, James Torres, Zoe Mowl, Kyle Parham, Zachary Sharp, Christian Schoning, Renia Singleton, Helen Cromwell and Reshetta Roundtree. Elected Officials pictured include – Mayor Robert Curtis, Council President Barry Sloane, Councilwomen Gwendolyn Brown and Heather Tierney, Councilmen Tom Louis, Bill Fleming, Joe Villari, Harry Trout and Patrick Pottillo. Also present are – Gloria Goode, School Social Worker, Tom Bowe, City Administrator, Roy Duffield, Assessor and Gail Scheffler, Registrar.

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