Monday, June 15, 2009


(posting and pictures provided by the 5th grade teachers!)

On Thursday, May 28th, fifth grade students from all three elementary schools in the district met at West End to celebrate the completion of a science unit on Environmental Education. The celebration, Re-Use-A-Palooza, allowed these fifth graders to become more aware of ways in which the world can reuse, reduce, and recycle products. The objective was to create and advertise a product made from recyclable materials that could be useful in everyday life.

Parents, teachers, and students gathered in the West End auditorium. Projects were displayed, and ballots were cast to select the most creative, functional, and best use of recycled material project. Enrichment students, Rachael Sima, K’Yanna Wesley, and Ryan Toole, also presented a Power Point presentation on pollution.

The event was a huge success with over two hundred in attendance. Awards went to

• Walnut: Laura Knecht, Mariani Torres, Joelle Murray -- “Special K Music Kit”,
• West End: Jessica Rolfing, Isabella Minniti, and Sarah Juliano --“Bird Condo”, and
• Evergreen: Ta’Hee Shields, Sha’Kir Hollingsworth, and Derek Lane -- “Re-Use-A-Boat.”

It was clear that all fifth graders learned from this meaningful experience while having fun.

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