Thursday, September 09, 2010

U R College Bound --> You Are College Bound

Our teachers in all grades were in over the summer planning for the new school year and preparing rooms for students. Often, this involves setting up various bulletin boards around the room to work in functional ways -- homework announcements, etc. -- or as motivational tools.

Here is one bulletin board in high school English teacher Beth Luthke's classroom. Throughout the room she has an "on the road" theme. This particular bulletin board reminds our students that we want them all to be "college bound." The high school program looks to put all students in a position to make a decision as a senior to choose to go to college.

The message: "You Are College Bound" -- but the board shows the original message as "U R College Bound" and corrects the U --> You and R --> Are. Cute.

As part of the high school's Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) program, many teachers are also displaying images from their own college experiences -- a type of "college shrine." To the right of this bulletin board, Ms. Luthke has items that note her degrees from the University of Delaware and the College of New Jersey.

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