Monday, November 06, 2006

Grade Reconfiguration Conversation Continued

The goal of this reconfiguration conversation is to address fiscal concerns while continuing to provide a program that allows for educational excellence. This is a difficult issue and the board is looking for input to help make the decision. It is why the effort has been made to reach out to as many constituent groups as possible. It is the reason for the opportunity for the public to have input at the special board meetings this month. All are important steps in better understanding a complex issue so that the best decision can be made.

I want to thank those who were in attendance at the various elementary parent organization meetings last week. There were a number of ideas suggested that we have already begun to study in more detail.

If you were unable to attend a meeting last week and have a specific question that you want to ask in advance of the special board meetings, feel free to call me. It may be the best way to understand one another – through direct conversation. You can reach me at 853-0123 ext. 230. Obviously, you can also e-mail me with ideas or questions –

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Anonymous said...

Is there a reason there is no immediate savings for a principal? If a school is closing, and 6 teachers are losing their jobs, how can you justify holding a principal while waiting for a retirement? Doesn't seem to make financal sense.