Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Woodbury History

The following update was written by Nora Taylor. Mrs. Taylor is our teacher for the enrichment program at the elementary schools:

As part of their Community Study of Woodbury, fourth graders in the Opportunities Enrichment Program have been engaged in conducting oral history interviews with current and former residents of Woodbury. Students have learned that history is not a thing of the past, and that our history is easily accessible through our community members.

Fourth graders interviewed Mrs. Joann Sparks at West End School and Mrs. Evelyn Warren at Evergreen Avenue School. Students at Walnut Street School were surprised to learn that their interviewee, Mr. Jack Sheppard, long time Wenonah mayor and well known citizen of Gloucester County, attended kindergarten at Walnut Street School. He went on to relate that he had recently celebrated his 80th birthday by biking 80 miles!

The taped interviews will be transcribed and published in a booklet as part of the study by the children. Students are learning that the stories of our community are important and need to be preserved.

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