Friday, June 15, 2007

Get Real

I said I was done with this computer fun and learning initiative, but my own kids keep showing me sites that are exciting . . . I guess this could simply go on forever. Here is a cute “game” that asks you some questions about life goals and then you need to make decisions that have a financial impact. The objective is to meet your life goals (including a financial savings goal) by the end of one year.

This was shown to my by my own seventh grader, but my little first grader had fun being the one making the decisions. He caught on soon – that you simply cannot continue to buy everything in life that you want!

  • Moneyville

  • (Click on the “Get Real” option)

    Note (– for those of you inside the school’s filter system!): I will check with our technology department, but there is a “micromedia flash player” requirement. I am not sure that this site is one that can simply be unblocked at school; the flash player requirement may cause a problem. Hopefully it can be worked out.

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