Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Junior High School 8th Annual Career Day

Last Friday, June 1, the Woodbury Junior High School sponsored its 8th Annual Career Day. During the morning hours, sixth, seventh and eighth grade students moved through three sessions that introduced them to possible career ideas. Then, all students met in the auditorium for a motivational presentation from keynote speaker, Naim Muslim, Executive Director for Foundations 2000, Inc.

Our guest speakers on the various careers were treated to a catered luncheon at the conclusion of the program sponsored by US Foods, Inc.

Special thanks are extended to our Junior High School counselor, Marge Pertuit, for her coordinating efforts. Additionally, we thank all of the guest speakers:

Jim Kelly & Nick Danze: Forensics Investigators
Dean DiPietro: Detective – FBI
Brian Turner: Detective – FBI
Donald Sanderson: Owner – Sanderson’s Florist
Phil Blackman: Self Employed – aviator and musician
Dr. Michael Anthony: Veterinarian – Greenfield’s Veterinarian Association
Scott Foody: Orthopedics of Woodbury
Melody Arno: Sports Trainer – WHS
Kenny Avent: Sports – WHS
Chris Mentzer: Chef – US Foods, Inc.
Adam Taylor: Lawyer
Rhonda Thompson: Real Estate Agent
Morgan Meehan: Woodbury Police Department
Stephano Biello: Self employed – masonry
Dianna Barber: Self employed – scientist
Rhonda Holmstrom: Nurse
Thomas Estill: NASA Goddard Space Flight Ctr (distance learning experience)
Todd German: Omega Institute – medical career
Jerry Lonabaugh: Lawyer
Renee Carter: Stylist
Steve Morris: Education -- WHS
Laraine Knauss: Food Sciences, Corp.
Deneen Long-White: Health Care
Rachel Long: Health Care
George Saridakis: President – Seaburst Farms

If anyone reading this blog is interested in being a presenter at next year’s event, simply contact Ms. Pertuit at mpertuit@woodburysch.com.

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Anonymous said...

Ms. Pertuit did a wonderful job and the event was wonderful and benefical for all who attended.