Monday, November 26, 2007

Strategic Planning

As noted in this blog earlier, The Woodbury Public Schools will embark on a Strategic Planning initiative during this 2007-08 school year. The early part of the year has focused on determining a planning committee and finalizing the details associated with the first meeting.

The first meeting of the planning committee will be this weekend – Thursday (evening), Friday (daytime & evening), and Saturday (daytime). The group’s intense work schedule is designed to allow the accomplishment of the necessary tasks toward a completed draft copy of a new strategic plan for the school district.

There are thirty individuals associated with the school community involved in this first phase of the strategic plan. We will need many more individuals to be involved with the development of various aspects of the draft plan once the early work of this group is completed.

We have some names of people who have already expressed an interested but were unable to be placed onto the planning committee due to size constraints. These individuals will be invited to be part of Phase II of the planning initiative. Anyone else interested in working on the second phase of the planning process should contact my office by phone or send an e-mail.

The work of the action teams developing the various strategies associated with the draft plan will begin some time toward the end of January. This will also be intense work – meetings will likely occur weekly for a period of approximately three months.

The planning committee working this week is comprised of the following individuals:

Dr. Jeffrey Adams, Elementary Principal/Special Services Supervisor
Ms. Aquanetta Allen, Support Staff
Ms. Patricia Bassler, Jr.-Sr. HS Parent
Dr. Jeffrey Bessey, HS Parent
Ms. Tonya Breland, Elementary Principal
Ms. Lynn Dennen, Board Member
Dr. James DiMarino, Parent
Mrs. Denise Dunham, High School Principal
Ms. Janice Esters, Parent
Ms. Ellen Firth, Junior High School Teacher
Mr. William Fleming, Community Leader
Mr. Frank Gwalthney, Board Member
Ms. Diane Hill, Board Member
Mr. David Jenkins, Support Staff
Mr. Joseph Jones, Superintendent
Ms. Sharron Knauss, District Librarian
Ms. Gwen Maddox, Community Leader
Mrs. Katherine Mangeri, Parent
Officer Morgan Meehan, School Resource Officer
Ms. Madeline Mills, Elementary Nurse
Mr. Dustin Moore, Parent
Mr. Steven Morris, Assistant Principal
Mr. Edward Murphy, Director of Pupil Personnel Services
Mr. Richard Philips, Parent
Ms. Christina Pierce, Elementary Teacher
Ms. Jacqueline Rosario, High School Teacher
Miss Raseeda Roundtree, Student
Ms. Beth Stanek, Elementary Teacher
Mr. James Torres, Student
Ms. Liza White, Parent

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