Friday, November 16, 2007

Turkeys descend on 8th graders

pictured with turkey: Darrell Bush

Ms. Firth and Mrs. Corley have let the turkeys out of the pen in 8th grade. Using paper lunch bags and construction paper, each 8th grade literacy student created an original turkey complete with feathers, feet, eyes, and other decorations.

The turkeys and students are on the move in the hallways and are attending all scheduled classes together including lunch. In addition, turkeys are attending after school activities and traveling home with students each day for the entire week (11/12-11/18).

Students will also introduce their turkeys to teachers, administrators, family and friends. During their time together, students and their fowl will keep a 5-day journal chronicling their adventures, hopes, fears, and experiences. From these journal notes, students will write a formal essay/story from the turkeys’ points of view and submit both the journal and essay during Thanksgiving week.

[The students are reading Of Mice and Men and may choose 1 of 2 options:

1) Show a parallel between the turkey’s experiences, hopes, etc. to self

2) Show a parallel between the turkey’s experiences, hopes, etc., and one or more of the characters and/or plot points in the story.

The students are taking good care of the turkeys. George and Lennie do this for one another (mostly George) and this drives home the friendship theme in the book.]

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