Monday, November 12, 2007

Welcome Back

We tried to schedule this November month so that we concentrated the breaks and various activities. November is a buys month in New Jersey schools.

We placed two full-day professional development days that are part of our calendar into this past week. The school year started with two of these days before the students began and will end with one last professional development day after students finish. So, there will be no other scheduled full-days off this year other than holidays.

Also, for the elementary schools, we moved the first marking period conferences up a bit. In past years, they were scheduled for the week after Thanksgiving, but that created another week of disrupted instruction (with early dismissal days). You will note that this year, we have two early dismissal days on the Monday and Tuesday right before Thanksgiving for the elementary schools. Conferences will take place that Monday afternoon, Tuesday afternoon and evening, and Wednesday morning.

Notice that the elementary students do not have school on Wednesday of next week. The Jr.-Sr. High School will run regular school days on Monday and Tuesday next week and an early dismissal day on Wednesday.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner!

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