Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Are You There?

Okay – so who are all of you? Often, I will come into contact with an individual who will reference reading something in the blog. Usually, it is when the blog entry is very personal – something more substantial – an item that I placed that has my own reaction to an issue or when there was something that I wrote pertaining to my own kids. So, I do know some of you. But, who are the rest of the readers of this blog?

We were averaging over 50 hits a day. Nothing fantastic, but a very regular number. Most recently, that has inched up to approximately 70 hits a day. The other thing that I know to be true is that the counter for the blog site only counts each site once –multiple inquiries from one address – like the school’s computers – only counts once. I do believe that means there a many more looking at the blog than that daily number indicates.

Also, I know that not all the readers check this site out EVERY day – so that average of 70 represents many more who are active in looking at the blog entries. Over a hundred? Two hundred? It is very hard to say. For me, it is satisfactory to hear the blog referenced from time to time in different circles; it provides enough of a sense that there is purpose in providing this vehicle for communication.

The bottom line is this – where are you? I am looking for up to 75 people to get involved in our district’s Strategic Planning Initiative.

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    We have a nice core of people who have committed to the work, but we can use more. It would seem that if you are interested in Woodbury Schools – if you are one of the more regular blog readers – then you would be a perfect candidate to help in the process.

    Of the many individuals who have signed up for the effort, I do not know if any have done so specifically as a result of reading about the initiative here on the blog.

    I would like to challenge a few of you to do just that. Contact my office – e-mail me – that you would like be a part of one of the Action Teams that will be working from the end of January through the spring. Do this now. We are finalizing our lists this week. And, let me know that you are responding to this blog entry solicitation.

    This work on Strategic Planning will be some of the most important work that is happening in the district this year. We need as many as possible -- parents, community members, business leaders, high school students, faculty, school support staff, alumni and any other member of the school community -- to join the effort.


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