Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year

Welcome to 2008. Can you believe it? It seems like the Y2K issue was just yesterday. And what happened to the 1900’s?

For those of us who grew up with the Jetson’s as a regular cartoon feature, this world of today can sometimes feel a bit like a déjà vu experience. My son has this i-touch that allows him to watch HD quality movies on a small, portable screen. A new GPS system for my car tells me what street to turn on as I approach! And, the Nitendo Wii allows you to bowl in some virtual world – without leaving the comforts of your family room.

Regardless of all the advances, some of my more enjoyable time this break was being able to read a couple books purely for pleasure. If you are looking for a resolution to keep for 2008, let this be one. It will help support the efforts of the school – read a book. You will be a good model for your child. Also, read with your young children, regularly. Reading is more important than mastering any of the new technologies.

Enjoy 2008! I wish you the best.

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