Thursday, February 28, 2008

Open Mic at the HS (continued)

(This entry was provided by Mrs. Dunham, Jr.-Sr. High School Principal)

Many musicians, including myself, are challenged to embrace new forms/styles of music. My resolve is always the same: In the past, musicians struggled with the blues when it was introduced to the world, then Bessie Smith came along; jazz created quite a stir, then Duke Ellington showed the world that the form had real value.

Rap was the hardest to embrace! Its evolution throughout the years has totally diminished its promise of social merit; then Vaughn Coyle, Class of 2008, created lyrics and a melodic “hook” that caused me, and Antoinette Rizzi, high school math teacher, to take pause, listen, and realize that rap – shared in the right context – still has a place in the world of music.

“Imma Be OK” – was written by Vaughn and performed during our celebration of Black History Month during our “Open Mic” events during the lunch hour. Mrs. Rizzi was so moved by the lyrics that she presented the lyrics in a memorable frame to Vaughn on Tuesday, February 26, 2008.

Vaughn, Mrs. Rizzi, and countless others, who were ready to dismiss the art of rapping, are all ‘going to be OK’ thanks to the talent of Vaughn.

IMMA BE OKAY [By Vaughn Coyle]

MLK he had a dream
To this day, he changed the scene
See this man, he had a plan
To change the work, make it fair
Martin Luther King, had a dream
To make it equal, everybody succeeds
King lived and died for his dream
Now we celebrate his life and his dream

Man no matter what’s said imma be okay
Cuz I’ll lead ya to my dream like I’m mlk
Everybody feel me, cuz I’m speakin the truth
It don’t matter if ya black, white, purple, or blue
Cuz see I float like a butterfly and sting like a bee
Cuz I talk it like I walk it like my name was ali
I think about mlk, he made it easy for me
And rosa parks too, she refused to give up her seat
Malcolm x spread the word that would bring us together
And make society and the whole world so much better
What would you say to em, if they was all livin
I would say thank you for the sacrifices you’ve given


I sit and think about what could life be like
All the pain, all the torture, from slavery life
And den I sit and think, where would I be
I couldn’t imagine livin life and not be free
I have a dream of bein rich like jay-z
Slash rapper slash business man, maybe
I look up to 50 cent, tupac, biggie, and jay
Cuz my dream is to be in dey position one day
Everybody feelin me if dey follow my lead
If dey can make it, I can make it, I can follow my dream
Only god can tell the direction that I’m soon to be headin
One thing I’ll remember is to keep love present


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Donna Lacovara said...

I was lucky enough to see Vaughn perform this original piece. He did an amazing job (in front of all of his peers no less)and looked the most proud I can ever remember him looking. What a nice way to acknowledge his efforts, Ms. Rizzi!