Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Updates -- Budget and Track

Thanks to all who participated in the school budget vote yesterday. The Woodbury budget passed by the largest percentage in the county – a nearly 80% approval mark.

Work continues on the new track surface with the hope that the historic Woodbury Relays will return to our stadium complex this year. The weather, significantly limiting much of the work over the past few weeks, has finally cooperated this week.

It is expected that the very last portion of the track will be finished today. That will leave just a couple days (Thursday and Friday) to finish painting the lines. If the weather continues to be nice – and no other complications arise – we will just make it in time for the Saturday meet.

We will put a final notice regarding the site of the meet on of the district website this Friday.

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Anonymous said...

Samantha represents the “whole package” for what is good about youth in a wonderful way. Congratulations Samantha!