Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Yesterday: April Fools



As someone pointed out in one of the comments, the first letter of each paragraph revealed the hint: “April Fools.” Just for fun.

So, what did we learn:

 Some Woodbury colleagues (teachers and administrators) thought it would be fun to get into the act with various posts in the comment section,

 The comment section of the blog really works – this was, by far, the most actively responded to entry,

 And . . . I suspect that some truly find interest in the idea of a reduction in homework. I know that as a father of four – all school age with regular homework – the idea of just one homework-free night seems like such a treat.

Well, that was fun. You can imagine the reaction here at the schools by our teachers to such an idea suddenly appearing on the blog.

In truth, there has been conversation about the amount of homework in the elementary grades. We have been discussing this a bit administratively and with teachers in grade level meetings. The idea is to look to standardized an amount of homework by grade level so that there is no significant fluctuation from class to class.

For now, the idea of a “No Homework” school year will have to wait, and we return to the regular blog entries.

Oh – did you see the one comment on yesterday's post that used the same idea except that it was the first letter in each word in the comment that gave away the trick?

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Anonymous said...

Disappointed that the superintendent feels that homework and the amount the children receive is a good topic to joke about. Unfortunately, I don't believe he realizes what a sore subject it actually is for parents. Many children spend hours on homework, or as we call it busywork every afternoon. Many are missing the opportunity to just be children and play. Children need to be well-rounded. Teachers, allow children just to be children at all ages, grade school to high school.

Anonymous said...

To the previous poster - Lighten up Francis!

To Mr. Jones - ya got me!

Deneen said...

You're April Fool's joke had my house excited :) Until we realized...

It's nice to have a Superintendent in Woodbury that has a sense of humor. Refreshing.