Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Evergreen Avenue School Celebrates Fire Safety

Like many other schools across New Jersey, Evergreen Ave. School celebrated Fire Safety Week with a few special activities. The Woodbury Fire Dept. presented fire safety tips to students in assemblies. Preschool, first and second grades had an opportunity to explore the fire engine.

One special activity was the fire safety door decorating competition. Classes decorated their classroom doors with fire safety messages. Non-classroom staff went around to judge the doors and chose the top three winners. The doors were very creative and all stressed the message of fire safety in their own unique way. The winners are…

3rd place winner: Ms. Frazier’s 2nd grade class

2nd Place Winner: Ms. Lyons’ 2nd grade class

And the Grand Prize Winner is….

Mrs. McLaughlin’s Kindergarten class, who created the Singing Fire Safety Door with the following song:

The Lyrics of the song are:


If there’s a fire in your house
And you don’t know what to do
Just sing this song and it will help you.
Fire and be scary, very noisy too
Just follow these steps
And you’ll know what to do.

If you see a fire, never, ever hide
Think about your meeting place and go outside.
If it’s getting smoky, get down on your knees
Crawl to your meeting place, quickly please.

Never stop for toys, along your way
Go to your meeting place, you’ll be okay.
Hooray, Horray, a happy day for you,
You’ve practiced every safety step,
You know what to do!

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Donna Lacovara said...

I had an opportunity to visit Evergreen a few weeks ago. I noticed the Fire Prevention doors right away! I was amazed at the variety and creativity of each door. Hats off to the students and teachers at Evergreen!