Friday, October 03, 2008

Spotlight on Mrs. Wang

Erin Noel Wang

School Social Worker

Woodbury School District /
West End

• Name:
Erin Noel Wang

• College(s) and Degrees(s):
Rowan University - Bachelor of Arts in Psychology w/a minor in Sociology
University of Pennsylvania - Masters, Social Work

• Work experience:
March through June 2007- substitute school social worker @ Harrison Township Schools

June 2007-June 2008- CST school social worker @ Hopewell Crest School in Cumberland County

• Favorite books:
o fiction: Oh, The Places You'll Go by Dr. Seuss
o nonfiction: Code of the Street by Elijah Anderson

• Favorite television show:

• Last movie I loved:

• Music CD that I have almost worn out from repeated playing:
Continuum, by John Mayer

• Person (living or not) that I’d like to have lunch with and why:
(On a lighter note) Kevin James, because I love to laugh and he is very funny

• Visiting this place makes me peaceful:
Ida Grove, Iowa

• One item on my “to do” list that I can’t seem to get to:
To study for and take my social work licensing (LSW) exam

• Favorite animal (domestic or wild):
My Cat, Chutch

• Favorite sports team:
The Eagles

• Destination of my fantasy vacation trip:
A tour of Italy

• Details about the teacher I will never forget who inspired me to enter the profession:
Dr. Chapel, my undergraduate psychology student advisor; he opened my eyes to the possibility of a career in social work.

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