Wednesday, October 10, 2007

School Attendance

There is a new board attendance policy in effect this year. Regulations detail specific requirements for regular school attendance.

Note that a student in the Jr.-Sr. High School must be in attendance for 166 days (out of the 181 day total). This total is regardless of reason – excused or unexcused. The bottom line is that a student cannot miss more than fifteen school days during the course of a school-year without jeopardizing credit for the year.

This number is a bit more generous for elementary school students. The total number of days that are required for these students to be in attendance is 160 days. (This allows for up to 21 days of absence).

Obviously, we hope that our students are in attendance regularly and miss few days. But, if there are absences, please be sure to recognize that all absence will count against the total.

(You can read the policy and regulations posted on our website for more information. An appeal process for unusual circumstances is detailed in these documents. Contact your child’s principal if you have any questions.)

  • Attendance Policy

  • Attendance Regulation
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