Monday, October 22, 2007

TEST of Gloucester Alert

(Many have been directed to this post from a message sent by Gloucester Alert – this is a test of that system.)

We have had a good number of our families join the Gloucester Alert network. Through this system, participants are able to have Woodbury Public Schools emergency information related to any one of our schools forwarded to them by text messages or e-mail. Since there are so many new to the system, we thought it would be important to provide this “TEST” message.

Since the amount of text is limited on the system, we will often provide more information on our own website. Additionally, at times, expanded information will be placed here in the Superintendent’s blog.

So – this is just a practice.

Reminder: Also, the district plans to practice evacuation drills this week. The schedule is as follows:

Tuesday morning: Jr./Sr. High School (Sr. High School – St. Patrick’s Parish Hall; Jr. High School – Kemble Memorial Church)

Tuesday afternoon: Evergreen (YMCA)

Wednesday morning: West End (Central Baptist Church)

Thursday afternoon: Walnut (First Baptist Church)

Your comments regarding the use of the Gloucester Alert System are most welcome.

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