Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Terrific Kids Program

In each of our elementary schools, the Kiwanis community organization partners with the school to recognize students each month as “Terrific Kids.” Each child receives a T-shirt and a packet containing a certificate, bumper sticker, and parent letter. Often, group photos appear in the Gloucester County Times.

We thank the Kiwanis for helping recognize some of our star students.

October’s Terrific Kids


1st Grade
Aaron Estrada
Asia Spencer

2nd Grade
Nicolette Montgomery
Catherine Navas-Folgar

3rd Grade
Ayan Thompson
Sean Aquino
Marc Croce

4th Grade
Aniyah Twyne
Joshua Green

5th Grade
Alicia Vennell
Shalisa Aquino
Darius Evans-Johnson


1st Grade
Nicole Rogers
Morgan Schlichtig

2nd Grade
Catherine Thomer
Ramon Birriel

3rd Grade
Ashley Huseboe
Rachel Conover

4th Grade
Laura Knecht
Kabree Jacobs

5th Grade
Bryan Miles
Melinda Patrick


1st Grade
Jason Gans
Dorian Joyce
Rahyell Young

2nd Grade
Eugene Frisby
Summer Miller
Alexis Sherlock

3rd Grade
Michael Moten

4th Grade
Geena DiRugeris
Lisa Giacobbe
Michael Navas-Vasquez
Kenny Rodriguez

5th Grade
Kayla Conchado
Alexia McCloud
Safarrah Saunders

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