Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Wanted: Home Instructors

Do you have a New Jersey teaching certificate? Are you available during the day, afternoon, or evening to help students maintain pace with their classmates while on home instruction?

Or . . . maybe you know someone who has a New Jersey teaching certification who would be interested.

The Woodbury Public School District is actively seeking individuals to serve as home instructors. The position requires standard New Jersey certification (all subject areas desired!); state mandated fingerprinting is also an expectation.

Home instructors work with students who are unable to attend school for a period of time – typically for medical reasons. There is a requirement that a parent or adult be present during the instruction.

The district pay is $30/hour. Students will be provided from five to ten hours of instruction a week. In the upper grades, the time will be divided amongst subject specialist.

This is a good way to utilize your certification and help a Woodbury child. The one-on-one working relationship can be very beneficial.

If interested, or for more information, contact:

Ed Murphy
Director of Pupil Personell Service
Woodbury Public Schools
25 North Broad Street
Woodbury, New Jersey 08096


856-853-123 ext. 225

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