Monday, October 26, 2009

AVID Parent Open House -- October 29

Parents of students in our Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) are invited to visit the Jr.-Sr. High School on Thursday of this week to stop by some classrooms and get a glimpse of the program in action.

Junior High School
8:05- 9:33 –
Mr. Kilpatrick’s AVID Grade Seven AVID Pathways Class (Room P-41)
1:07 – 2:35 –
Mr. Kilpatrick’s AVID Grade Seven AVID Pathways Class (Room P-41)

Senior High School
8:05-8:47 –
Mr. Snelling’s Period One AVID Nine Class ( Room L-21)
8::51-9:33 –
Ms. Fitzgerald’s AVID Ten Class (Room L-21) and Mr. Pegues’ AVID Eleven Class (Room I-21)
10:23 – 11: 05 –
Ms. Fehre’s AVID Nine Class (Room J-20))and Mrs. Lario’s AVID Ten Class (Room P-31)
11:09 – 11:51–
Mrs. Lario’s AVID Twelve Class (Room P-31)and Mr. Galltig’s AVID Eleven Class (Room N-31)

Stop by the main office and you will be directed to the appropriate location.

You can find out more about our AVID program by putting that term into this blog's "search" feature and find prior postings on the topic. To try that out, you simply put the word "AVID" in the box in the top left corner of the screen on the main page of the blog site. (You can search the blog for any prior item this way.)

Also, the national AVID website is

If you have a child in the Jr.-Sr. High School who is not in the AVID program, you can also use this opportunity as a time to learn more. The visit is open to all.

Donna Cohen is our Academic Coach for AVID, and she would be glad to answer specific questions (853-0123, ext. 241).

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