Thursday, October 15, 2009

Good Health

When we have it, we take it for granted. Yes? It only takes one false step and the landscape can change immediately. Sunday, for what seems like the hundredth time!?!?, one of my guys took that false step at a travel basketball tryout and now finds himself with one of those "ski boot" contraptions, nursing a broken foot for the next six weeks.

He is young and will do fine. In my role as a school administrator, I see how health matters for individuals and their family members can play havoc on their routines. Sometimes it is something like a simple cold. At other times, it is a more significant health concern that emerges. In certain cases, the situation becomes so overbearing that it can consume almost all the energy that an individual can muster.

So, as I prepare for work with a scratchy throat and runny nose, I am reminded that our business of educating young people is impacted by so many variables. Their health and the health of their family members can sometimes be a real obstacle in the learning process.

It is a complicated business when you realize the scope of trying to impact the lives of human beings. In our world, people do not always come to school ready to concentrate on the learning opportunities presented -- because of a broken foot, a runny nose, or a worry about a more gravely ill family member.

All that to say -- congratulations if you find that you are experiencing a day of good health. Enjoy!

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