Wednesday, October 18, 2006

0123 -- It's That Easy

The district's telephone system was upgraded as one of the various referendum related projects. Just this past weekend, a final aspect of that upgrade was completed. In the process, we have experienced some difficulty associated with the "old" elementary school telephone numbers.

As part of the new system, the school district has united all the schools. This has allowed for easy communication within the district -- from within any of the buildings, individuals can now be reached by dialing a simple three digit extension. This has also resulted in joining all schools under one telephone number. Each school should now be reached by dialing 853-0123.

By dialing this central number, 853-0123, you reach the Woodbury Public Schools. Then, you can use the following options to connect to your desired school:

Option --

1: Jr-Sr High School
2: Evergreen Avenue School
3: Walnut Street School
4: West End Memorial School
5: Office of Special Services
6: Central Offices

Also, you can press the extension of any individual in the district as soon as you are connected when dialing 853-0123.

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