Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Interactive -- Any Comments?

Okay. It’s been five weeks of me posting Woodbury Public School items of interest – at least I believe that they are items that have some interest! What about you? The idea of the blog, as I understand it, is that it can generate opportunity for comment.

There have been a few comments along the way, but this has not been an overly active aspect of this blog, to date. We have a decent number of regular readers at this point. So, how about a comment?

I’ll give you a question to help prod a comment out of you. Is there something that you would like to see as a posting – something about the Woodbury Public Schools or education in general? Maybe, if we get comments here today, the ideas can be used for future posts.

So, I thought today would be a chance for you to take a moment and post a comment. We might be able to get the ball rolling on a more interactive blog. Give it a try!


Anonymous said...

Mr. Jones,
I love this idea and have checked in every day. All of your postings have been informative and interesting.
Is there something that I would like to see addressed? Sure, I would love to know why all of the neighboring school districts have monthly or even weekly recognition in the local newspapers. Such as students of the month, athletic accomplishments, All South Jersey this and that. Woodbury is rarely ever acknowledged. Do we have a PR type of person at Woodbury? This week alone, I know who is student of the month at West Deptford and Gateway, I also know who are class officers at Gloucester Catholic and Clearview, but I have no idea about Woodbury. I think we should spread the word that Woodbury is a great place to be and learn.
Just a thought....

C.M.D. said...

I wonder if the administration, faculty, and staff have noticed how many children have to carry around their (20-25lbs!) bookbags because there is not enough time to get to their locker and then to class. Some student's lockers are on a completely different wing than the class they are headed to and with hall traffic, they can't do it without being late. My 9th grader in particular is one of these children.

Joseph Jones said...

Okay . . . the comment system works! Just for your information, we had 45+ visitors to the site yesterday. I appreciate the fact that a couple tried to post a comment.

1. I forwarded the locker concern over to the principal of the high school. Mrs. Dunham is new and the time between classes has not changed (my guess is that it has been the same for years), but I do understand the concern. Apart from any possible systemic change that would help, my suggestion for a possible solution for this particular parent's concern would be to have his/her child meet with the counselor to strategize the best time(s) in the day to get to the locker. The counselor would be glad to help!

2. The public relations issue is a true concern. No, we do not have anyone who holds the position of public relations person for the district. Public relations, and press releases specifically, is something that I will be dedicating more energy to this year. I hope that as this 2006-07 school year unfolds, you will notice a change for the better on this front!

Again, thanks for the posts!

Anonymous said...

I am interested to know what we can do to get our school district on the local cable channels. There are other schools who show their choir concerts, proms, ect.,on television and I think that promoting our school in this fashion would be a positive outlook on the Woodbury school district.

Joseph Jones said...

I agree. It is another of the public relations issues that needs our attention that I mentioned in the comment I posted above.