Friday, March 02, 2007

Gloucester Alert

Woodbury Public Schools would like to introduce the members of our school community to the Gloucester Alert System.

Using the Roam Secure Alert Network “RSAN,” Gloucester County has begun implementing web-based alerts for important notices.

By establishing Woodbury Public Schools’ connection with the Gloucester County Alert System, our school community members can now benefit by receiving school and other alert types (county, city, weather, etc.).


• Easy signup

  • Follow the link on Woodbury's website:
  • There is a "sign up" selection on the main screen of the Gloucseter Alert site.
  • The process should only take a few minutes!

• Receiving Alerts

  • Multiple types of alert methods can be chosen: text messaging or e-mail.

• Levels of Alerts

  • There is a capability for individuals to select emergency, non-emergency, or both. But, at this time, the school district is looking to establish this as our emergency contact only.

We plan to run some “tests” once community members have signed up to be sure the system works for all. We have already tested the system “in-house,” and it is very impressive in terms of the speed it sends out messages to various destinations.


Joseph Jones said...

It appears that five individuals have signed up already! Let us know if you are having any difficulty so that our instructions can be improved for others.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Jones,

I am very pleased that Woodbury is providing this service. It reassures me to know that I can be contacted if something were to happen at my children's school. I also check your blog every day for news of the school system. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Jones,
I think this is the best thing that could be done for notifying parents of any change in status of the schools. Thank You for investigating and making this available to us.

Joseph Jones said...

Mrs. Pennell, our Business Administrator, was the one who worked very closely with the county coordinator for this program. She has been able to set up the substructure so that an emergency message can be sent to those who are registered to for a specific school or to ALL who are registered to ANY Woodbury school.

As I indicated earlier, once we have a fair number of people signed up, we will run some tests to be sure that all is working well.

Spread the word -- tell a friend.

Anonymous said...

Mr Jones,
Is the information on how to sign up fo this published in the news letter? I don't recall seeing it, but that or flyers in back packs would be a good way for parents to find out about this invaluable resource.

Joseph Jones said...

Yes. A draft has been prepared and we will be finalizing it soon. I would hope that it goes home with students either the end of this week or early next.

Once we get a critical number of families registered (not sure what that is!), we will provide a test of the system.