Monday, March 05, 2007

More on Today's Technology

I have written about this year’s technology initiative at our elementary schools – laptop labs that roll into classrooms for a week at a time and link the technology with the learning. It has been a very rewarding experience. The students are anxious for their next week to come around again in the cycle!

The difficulty is keeping up with the changing face of technology. There was a time when “learning the computer” meant learning to navigate the web or learning how to use a Microsoft product – Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.

Now, digital photography, video, interactive web pages, blogs, and numerous other advances have transformed how information is stored and conveyed.

The link below gives a taste of that change. After viewing, you will appreciate how important it is for today’s students to feel comfortable working with the computer as a tool for learning, sharing, and growing.

The video is primarily about digital text . . . but, as stated above, there is more to today's information age. This link is also example of the increased ease of use of video. So, this is a first for this blog. Video.

Pictures, videos -- what will be next . . . a podcast?

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    Mr. B said...
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    Mr. B said...

    It's admirable to see this schools efforts at embracing technology. Congrats on the first video link! I'm not sure if it's possible with blogger, but on my class blog at you can actually embed videos right into your entries. Maybe you can try it out!